SOCAR is a partner to the international conference taking place in Bucharest
March 09, 2017

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan-SOCAR keeps the realization of social projects in the focus equally with the economic projects. The Company informs about its activities, achievements by joining various local and international conferences, exhibitions.

It’s been years that SOCAR’s office in Romania, SOCAR Petroleum SA Company closely cooperates with the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. The Company is the partner of the annual “Ecological Performance in a competitive Economy”.

 Speaking to the 9th conference which is taking place on March 9-10, Company’s Marketing Department Chief Bogdan Tatuta has informed participants that SOCAR was a responsible company, very careful with the environment. All stations SOCAR respect, still at the design stage, all the current standards, reducing as much impact on the environment - air, water, soil. In all stations SOCAR selective collection is done, and all cleaning materials are eco-friendly. SOCAR intends to develop its network and electric charging stations. The project started with the opening of SOCAR station Pallady, 2016, it is implemented in all newly constructed stations and will expand over time to many existing SOCAR stations.