For those who have a true partnership with their car, those always on the go, NANO fuel gives them the power to fulfill their daily plans, thanks to the quality of the product, derived from our hard work and global experience.

NANO by SOCAR fuels ensure the functionality of vehicles at manufacturer standards, in accordance with the requirements of the EURO 5 product standards, valid at the time the fuels are sold in stations.

Nano 95

Gasoline with a minimum octane number of 95, with low sulfur content, is intended mainly for vehicles that are equipped with a catalytic converter that ensures the cleaning of exhaust gases and implicitly the protection of the environment.

The extremely low sulfur content improves the efficiency and life of catalytic converters on both old and new vehicles.

Nano 98

It represents the top of the range in terms of petrol quality, which complies with the most severe pollution (environmental) standards in force, Euro 5 standards, with a minimum sulfur content, intended for motorists who wish to use petrol with a high octane number (COR 98). Supplying this type of fuel makes it possible to use the vehicle at the power and performance specified by the manufacturer.

 Therefore, NANO 98 can be used in all cars with gasoline engines.

Nano Diesel

Diesel fuel with a cetane number of at least 51, in accordance with the European standard EN 590 in force, with a low sulfur content that guarantees compliance with the strictest environmental standards in force. It is intended for all vehicles with diesel engines that require an easy start and that comply with European pollution standards, thus achieving a decrease in noxious emissions into the atmosphere.

In the winter period, the product complies with the standard requirements against paraffin deposits by reaching a freezing temperature as low as possible.

Nano Super Diesel

Premium diesel with a cetane number higher than 51, is a good quality fuel, in accordance with the European standard EN 590 in force and is intended for all vehicles with diesel engines, but especially for those with engines equipped with advanced gas purification systems exhaust (being ideal for cars with fast Diesel engines (Turbodiesel) that require an easy start) and which complies with European pollution standards, thus achieving a decrease in noxious emissions into the atmosphere.

The product is added by SOCAR with a specific multifunctional additive, to improve the diesel characteristics, as follows:

  • Detergents: ensure clean injectors and give you a better burn. The benefits for the car are: engine cleanliness, no energy loss, lower emissions and reduced noise.
  • Anti-foaming agent: reduces foaming and allows faster and cleaner filling. Your benefits: Comfort and time savings.
  • Corrosion protection: Prevents corrosion damage in the fuel system. The benefit to the car is reliability.
  • Raising the cetane number, positive effect on noxes (smoke, CO, particles and incompletely burned hydrocarbons). The benefits for the car are: leads to a reduction in fuel consumption depending on the engine and its operating mode, increases the lubrication effect of diesel.


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Liquefied petroleum gas, abbreviated LPG, is a mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons, delivered in cylinders under pressure, in a liquefied state. It is used as fuel for heating and motor vehicles. Recently, it has begun to replace hydrofluorocarbons as a propellant in sprays, as well as a refrigerant, in order to avoid the destruction of the ozone layer.

The advantages of running the engine with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are:

  • the combustion of the fuel mixture is more complete, thus reducing pollution;
  • the lubricant on the cylinders is not washed off, thus extending the oil’s useful life;
  • reduction of operating costs per km by approximately 40-50%

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