Public announcement project SDC - APM - Galati

“S.C. SOCAR PETROLEUM S.A., announces to the interested public on the submission of the request to issue the environmental agreement for the project “Construction of fuel distribution station 3 MPD pumps + 1 HGV, manual car wash, identification elements, signage, fencing, road connections, utilities”, proposed to be located in Galati county, Galati municipality, Tarla 165, Plot 6, Lot 1, 2/2, identified by Land Deed no. 126980, Cadastral Number 126980.

Information regarding the proposed project can be consulted at the headquarters of the competent authority for environmental protection A.P.M. Galati, Str. Regiment 11 Siret, no. 2, Galati, and at SOCAR PETROLEUM S.A. headquarters, Pechea str. no. 32-36, sector 1, Bucharest, on Mondays – Thursdays between 08:30 – 16:00 and Fridays between 08:30 – 13:30. Public comments are received daily at the A.P.M. headquarters. Galati from Regiment 11 Siret str., no. 2, Galati Municipality”