At Cafe Nar we are welcoming you with products selected especially for you, such as sandwiches, pastries, fresh drinks, aromatic coffee, and special teas, but also a range of products that meets everyday needs.

Our Specialties

We invite you in our stations to discover the traditional specialties from Azerbaijan that will delight you while you are traveling: sand coffee and pomegranate juice! 

Sand Boiled Coffee

At Café Nar we are welcoming you with a unique coffee product, that has a truly perfect taste, similar to the one from the Azerbaijani lands. The preparation of this type of coffee is a fascinating process that we invite you to discover its story in our locations.

Pomegranate Juice

Enjoy a cold pomegranate juice prepared specially for you in our stations and refuel yourself with energy to carry out the proposed plans! Pomegranate juice is 100% natural and is an important source of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system.

Gastro Offer

Enjoy your favourite sandwich with a fresh fruit juice or a delicious pastry with a tasty coffee. 

The wide range of products gives you the opportunity to choose what you want! 

Coffee & Tea

Sand boiled coffee

Coffee is prepared in different ways, but "in the sand" is and will always be the method by which a truly perfect taste can be obtained. That's why we invite you to discover it in our stations!

Julius Meinl Coffee

Take a break with a tasty Julius Meinl coffee served at CafeNar! Lots of coffee specialities are waiting for you: espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or milk coffee.

Mealtime Lemonade

Cool off with Mealtime Lemonade! We are waiting for you at our station with 3 delicious varieties: orange, tropical and tarragon with ginger!

Mealtime Tea

Meal Time tea has many benefits and nutrients. Enjoy the taste of tea at our stations to both cool you down and warm you up.


Bănățean Sandwich

A combination of ingredients that you will serve with relish: rustic baguette, specialty Spalmalatte cheese, cheese, bell pepper, blonde salad, Banatian salami.

Falafel wrap

It's a light snack made from: tortillas, chickpea meatballs, hummus, tomatoes, roasted peppers, lemon, lettuce, olives.

Omelette sandwich

Start the day with the delicious omelette sandwich with: flaguette, omelette, barbeque sauce, tomatoes, green salad, baked bacon, cream cheese.

Rustic Sandwich

It is a specialty that everyone likes, consisting of: potato baguette, Spalmalatte cheese specialty, mustard & barbecue sauce, blonde salad, cheese, chicken schnitzel, pickled cucumbers.



Start your day with a perfect taste!Choose your favorite assortment: with butter, apricot, multi-cereal, raspberry.

Pain ou chocolat

Made from a fluffy dough with plenty of butter, pain ou chocolat goes perfectly with a warm drink.


It's the sweet chocolate and butter snack that makes your day carefree!


Whether it is filled with sweet or salted cheese, the trigone remains an ideal choice when you have a sweet or salty craving!

Fresh Juices

Fresh pomegranate

It is a natural antioxidant suitable for all seasons!

Fresh orange

It's your source of vitamins in the glass!

Fresh grapefruit

The intense and refreshing taste that delights your senses!

Fresh orange & grapefruit

The combination of flavors that makes you exclaim: "Yammy!".

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