Public announcement regarding the decision of the recruitment stage

SC SOCAR PETROLEUM SA, owner of the project – CONSTRUCTION OF FUEL DISTRIBUTION STATION, SIGNALS, FENCE, ROAD CONNECTION, SITE ORGANIZATION – announces to the interested public about the decision-making of the framing stage by APM Arges within the environmental impact assessment procedures for the CONSTRUCTION OF STATION project FUEL DISTRIBUTION, SIGNAGE, FENCE, ROAD CONNECTION, SITE ORGANIZATION – proposed to be located in the municipality of Pitesti, DN 65 B (highway), FN.
The project of the recruitment decision and the reasons that substantiate it can be consulted at the Arges APM with headquarters in Pitesti str. Egalitati no 50. Arges county, on Monday-Friday between 10:00-13:00, as well as at the following internet address
The interested public can submit comments/observations on the recruitment project at the headquarters of APM Arges, within 10 days from the date of publication of the announcement on the website of APM Arges.