We know that you have a long way to go and you are always busy, so we come up with a series of services designed to help you solve your tasks in the shortest possible time.

Outdoor payment terminal

Are you in a hurry? SOCAR provides you with a fast payment method right at the pump so that you can take the time to enjoy a coffee or one of the products from Café Nar.

Hurry to the pump, not in traffic.

Car wash

Because we want you to have all the comfort in SOCAR gas stations, we provide you with the self-service car wash service, while using the best cleaning products and equipment.

With our car wash installations, we offer you high-quality technology and multiple innovative features.

The contour-following high-pressure wash offers an intensive and thorough vehicle wash at a good price/performance ratio.

Regular application of our high-quality cleaner forms an increasingly thick protective layer on your paint and causes an “easy to clean” effect.

Benefit from the car wash service at SOCAR stations. You’re always welcome!

Electric charge

Because we always meet the needs of our customers, electric vehicles can be charged at up to 150 kilowatts per hour at our fast charging stations. 

You can find the steps you need to follow for electric charging at SOCAR stations, below: 

  1. Download the Plugpoint app and create an account or log in to start charging;
  2. With the app open, connect the car and start charging after sending the start command;
  3. The charging rate is communicated in the application;
  4. At the end of the upload, you receive a confirmation email with the amount paid and the invoice can be downloaded from the application.

Ask for help or detailed information if you need it. Our colleagues are always eager to help you. 

Pick-up Parcel Point

Looking for an easier way to get hold of your parcels?

There are pick-up points for online orders, available 24/7, in SOCAR stations.

Pay bills with ZebraPay

With the ZebraPay service you can pay bills simply and quickly at all SOCAR stations.

Here’s what you can pay:

  • Electronic recharge; (Telekom, Orange, Vodafone)
  • Bill payments;
  • Online payments (airline tickets, various tickets, events, etc.);
  • Auto;
  • Credit installments;
  • Gift Cards & Games;
  • Other services.

Road taxes

Because we know how valuable your time is, in our stations, you can pay the toll and the Fetești Cernavodă bridge fee at any station. 

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