Our cards are trusted partners for fleet managers, field employees and the accounting department.

Prepaid or postpaid cards are available.

The advantages of this trading system are:

  • fuel consumption management
  • cost control for each supply and the number of supplies for each vehicle
  • elimination of cash payments
  • access to commercial credits
  • access to commercial discounts depending on the products and quantities purchased and depending on the payment method
  • access to a Portal dedicated to customers

Account administration is easier thanks to the practical presentation of electronic invoices and notifications of certain events. The voluntary entry of vehicle mileage provides the fleet manager with informative data to assess and optimize fuel consumption across the fleet.

They can be used in all SOCAR stations for refuelling, purchasing spare parts and car accessories.

In partner locations, the card is only valid for refuelling.

Advantages of the SOCAR Portal

By accessing the SOCAR Portal, you will be directed to your account, where you have the following options:

– Viewing the contract (contract limits, invoicing days, payment terms, changes made to the contract);

– Viewing card information (fuel type, card expiration date, card limits);

– Viewing the accumulated discounts;

– Viewing the transactions made;

– View invoices (tax invoices, advance invoices, reconciliations, etc.);

– Visualization of SOCAR stations (address, phone number, types of fuel available, fuel prices);

– Modification of card limits;

If you are interested by SOCAR Card for your company’s car fleet, write us an email at comercial@socarpetroleum.ro or call the phone number: 080 08 76227