Brăila Environment Public Debate

SC SOCAR PETROLEUM S.A. informs the interested public about the submission of the environmental impact report for the project “Construction of fuel distribution station 2 MPD+HGV pumps, covered terrace open to public supply, manual car wash, bottle rack, signage identification elements, road connections, building interior utilities” – located in Brăila county, Braila municipality, Sos. Rm. Sarat no. 92 lot2/1/2

The type of possible decision taken by A.P.M. Braila can be the issuance or rejection of the environmental agreement.

The report can be consulted at the headquarters of A.P.M. Brăila – Brăila municipality, Independence Blvd., no. 16, Bl. B5 and at the headquarters of S.C. SOCAR PETROLEUM S.A. from the municipality of Bucharest, Pechea street no. 32-36, on weekdays, between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The environmental impact report is also available at the following internet address:, section Regulations/Environmental Agreement/EIA and EA procedure documentation.

The public debate on the environmental impact report will take place at the ADM Club in Bdul Independentei, no. 6, floor 1, Braila municipality, on 21.09.2018, starting at 11 a.m.

The interested public can send written comments/opinions/observations regarding the mentioned documents to the headquarters of APM Braila in the municipality of Braila, Bdul Independentei no. 16 until 21.09.2018 (the date of the public debate).