The advantages of running the engine with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are:

  • the combustion of the fuel mixture is more complete, thus reducing pollution;
  • the lubricant on the cylinders is not washed off, thus extending the life of the oil;
  • reducing operating costs per km by approximately 40-50%.

Gas Cylinders

SOCAR stations sell the 11 kg LPG gas cooker load in the blue bottle or the yellow bottle.
The sale of the gas cooker LPG cargo is carried out by exchanging the bottle, respectively, handing over an empty package and the customer receiving a full bottle, sealed, labelled, and loaded in the authorized bottling station. Empty bottles in the standard Romanian format, 26 l container, are accepted for exchange.
Customers who want to purchase loads of LPG gas cookers from SOCAR locations and do not own a cylinder or the cylinder they own no longer corresponds to safe use can request compliant packaging, under warranty. When the customer no longer needs the cylinder, he can request the return of the warranty at the established value at any SOCAR location that sells stove-type cylinders, handing over the cylinder and the original warranty certificate.
LPG gas cooker – butane cylinders are used exclusively for domestic use, in rooms where the temperature is at least 5⁰C. At low temperatures, the vaporization process is inadequate.

For the safe use of cylinders, follow the rules below:

  • Before changing the cylinder, make sure that the tap is closed and remove any source of ignition (heaters, stoves, electric radiators, hotplates, etc.);
  • Use a new gasket (between the cylinder valve and pressure regulator) with each new cylinder fitting;
  • Use the cylinder only with a pressure regulator (clock) in good working order;
  • Periodically check the hose to be able to notice any damage or cracks in time and replace it at least once every two years;
  • Do not use improvised assemblies;
  • Use only standardized collars to fix the hose;
  • Check the tightness of the bottle only with a solution of water and soap;
  • When opening, turn the valve only half a turn to obtain the optimal pressure;