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We want to develop operating processes in an efficient way and capitalize on all available resources so that the value chain, from the source to the end user, benefits from the best products and services. We rely on the global experience, knowledge and hard work of our employees.


Let’s be a company that adds value to all our partners, from customers, employees to investors, who are aware of their economic and social responsibilities.


Our values ​​responsibility, trust, dynamism.


We are committed to thinking and acting responsibly by conducting our business in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards. As part of our work, we always take our responsibility to customers, suppliers, employees and the environment seriously.

Therefore, we are a reliable and strong partner that is able to constantly meet the growing social demand for oil and oil products.


Trust is the foundation of our collaboration with our customers, business partners and employees. This is not a natural matter for us, rather it is only produced by our own confidence.

We test this every day by providing our customers with quality, safe, fast and efficient products, helping them to fulfill their daily plans.


Our company is in permanent development, looking to the future and focusing on the customer. At the heart of our efforts is the desire for continuous improvement to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.


We are passionate about what we do. We work, just like you, and we don’t give up in the realization of our projects. We accept new opportunities and challenges with speed, energy and enthusiasm.


We anticipate changing customer needs, competitive market trends and opportunities. We embrace change, move forward with resilience and stay focused on work even in unstructured, dynamic environments.