Public announcement regarding the decision of the recruitment stage

SC SOCAR PETROLEUM S.A. owner of the project “Construction of fuel distribution station 2 pumps + 1 HGV, manual car wash, identification elements, signs, fencing, road connections, utilities”. Notifies the interested public about the decision-making of the framing stage by the Dolj Environmental Protection Agency. The project is not subject to environmental impact assessment and appropriate assessment within the environmental impact assessment and appropriate assessment procedures, project proposed to be located in Carcea Commune, Carcea village, Str.Calea Bucuresti No. 22

The draft decision and the reasons behind it can be consulted at the headquarters of the competent authority for environmental protection APM Dolj, in Craiova, Str. Petru Rares, no. 1 from Monday to Thursday, between 8.00-16.30 and Friday between 8.00-14.00, as well as at the following internet address: The interested public can submit comments, observations on the draft hiring decision within 5 days from the date of publication of this announcement until 05.08.2018

Work Point, Carcea Commune, Str. Calea Bucuresti, No. 22