Public announcement regarding the decision of the recruitment stage

SC SOCAR PETROLEUM SA, with headquarters in Bucharest, sector 1, Pechea str., no. 32-36, et.4, Bucharest (the owner of the project) announces to the interested public about the decision-making of the updated framing stage for the project

Construction of a fuel distribution station, (station cabin, pump canopy, underground tanks, LPG skid, car wash, signage, utilities, fencing) – located in Sibiu, Soseaua Alba Iulia, no. 108B, CF 129893, Sibiu county.

The decision of the environmental authority as well as the relevant information for the decision can be consulted at the headquarters of the Sibiu Environmental Protection Agency, Hipodromului str. no. 2A and at the headquarters of the Sibiu City Hall in Sibiu, Piaţa Mica, no. 2, on Monday-Friday, between 10-12, as well as at the following internet address:

Public observations/contestations are received at the headquarters of the SIBIU ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, in Sibiu, Hipodromului str., no. 2A, within 10 days of publication on the Sibiu APM website.