SOCAR entered the Romanian market through the subsidiary SOCAR Petroleum S.A. in 2011, going to develop a solid network of gas stations nationwide. Thus, it became one of the important players on the fuel distribution market in Romania. So far, SOCAR’s investments in the Romanian economy have created approximately 800 jobs, which are also continuously growing.

SOCAR – the engine of your projects, is the brand that supports people and businesses involved in large and small projects that need real support in their work, offering them fuel and quality services.

We offer an extensive range of products and services in the field of fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and bitumen trade, becoming one of the important players on the Romanian fuel distribution and petroleum product trading market.

In our activity, we build and strengthen solid collaborative relationships with renowned partners, whose trust has been won both by the quality of SOCAR products, recognized at national and international level, and by the level of dedication of the staff, who always treat the needs of customers with promptness and seriousness.

SOCAR has a network of 75 stations in Romania and we operate 4 warehouses: Teiuș, Onești, Constanța and Ploiești. And we don’t stop there, our plans are very ambitious.

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Your satisfaction is a priority, thus, in all our gas stations we sell only quality fuels derived from rigorous work and our global experience, fuels that have been subjected to rigorous quality controls, in accordance with European norms in the field.

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The evolution of SOCAR in Romania

2007 was the year of the opening of the SOCAR representative office in Romania and even the first office in Europe, and immediately, in the following years, we opened 13 gas stations under the SOCAR brand.


It was the year of the opening of the SOCAR representative office in Romania and even the first office in Europe.


The awarding of Heydar Aliyev scholarships to students of the University of Oil and Gas in Ploiesti.


SOCAR's entry into the Romanian oil market.

The opening ceremony of the first 13 gas stations under the SOCAR brand, with the participation of SOCAR Group Executive Director Rövnag Abdullayev.

The first 13 stations opened were Campulung Moldovenesc (Suceava), Argestru (Suceava), Botoșani Eminescu (Botoșani), Grințiș (Neamț), Gura Humorului (Suceava), Botoșani Independţei (Botoșani), Pojorâta (Suceava), Răchiți (Botosani), Roșu (Suceava), Trușești (Botoșani), Darabani (Botoșani), Iași Socola (Iași), Drăgușeni (Suceava).


The football mini-tournament dedicated to the memory of the national leader Heydar Aliyev organized by SOCAR Petroleum SA and the "Odlar Yurdu" organization.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 promotion event organized in Azerbaijan, where SOCAR was an official partner.

Awarding of SOCAR scholarships to the students of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, a number of eight students received a monthly scholarship of 100 euros for a period of one year.

The opening of the first SOCAR gas station in Bucharest, SOCAR Chiajna.

3rd prize in the category "Top 50 foreign investments in Romanian companies"


As the Official Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2016, SOCAR Romania rewarded its loyal customers with a number of 42 tickets to the European Football Championship Euro 2016.


Opening of the first SOCAR Warehouse in Teiuș.

Opening 18 stations in a single year. These are: Arad Saguna (Arad), Motru Gorj (Gorj), Arad Nădlac (Arad), Novaci (Gorj), Răchiți Gorj (Gorj), Sannicolau (Timiș), Sibiu Semafor (Sibiu), Bucharest Vasile Lascăr (Bucharest), Borș Bihor (Bihor), Sibiu Turnișor (Sibiu), Târgoviște (Dâmbovița), Târgu Cărbunești (Gorj), Târgu Jiu (Gorj), Calea Aradului (Timiș), 1 Decembrie (Ilfov), Motru Gorj (Gorj), Brăila, Râmnicu Sărat (Brăila), Jilava (Ilfov)


SOCAR operates in the third storage location in Onești.

The opening of 4 new stations in the network of SOCAR gas stations: Brăila Dig, Slobozia, Suceava, Sibiu Aeroportului, the last two being made according to a new concept of modern interior design with oriental influences, which reflects the identity and specificity of the brand.


Opening of 3 more fuel distribution stations.

SOCAR Oradea Decebal, SOCAR Salonta and SOCAR Constanța Constantin Brătianu complete the constantly expanding network of gas stations to be closer to its customers and offer them high quality services.

SOCAR now operates its fourth warehouse in Ploiești, thus strengthening its distribution capacity and ensuring that it is always ready to offer the reliable fuel that customers deserve.