SOCAR reaches 67 gas stations in Romania

A new SOCAR gas station has opened in Sibiu County. Through the new investment, SOCAR reaches a network of 67 gas stations, thus creating new jobs in Romania. This is the 4th gas station opened in Sibiu County, located at Sos. Alba Iulia, no. 108B and benefits from state-of-the-art technological equipment, modern equipment and a modern lighting system that allows for low energy consumption. It is the second SOCAR station with a new modern interior design concept, with oriental influences, which reflects the brand’s identity and specificity. The furniture, the lighting fixtures, the plants were thus chosen to create a pleasant atmosphere for the customers. The new station sells 4 types of fuels under the “Nano” brand – Nano 95, Nano Diesel, Nano 98, Nano Super Diesel) – being equipped with 3 pumps. Also, customers can benefit from the services of purchase of debris and tolls (crossing the Feteşti bridge), gun with increased flow, LPG skid, a jet wash box with a vacuum cleaner for the interior of the cars, car charging, tire inflation installation, etc.

SOCAR is meant to offer customers not only the quality of fuels but also of gastro services. Café Nar is SOCAR’s way of welcoming customers with fresh products and traditional dishes from Azerbaijan – sand coffee and pomegranate juice, as well as other food, non-food products or car accessories.

The network of SOCAR gas stations in Romania already covers 26 counties